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Based out of Dawson Creek, BC, Sterling Operations is licensed in both Alberta and British Columbia, Canada. We are proud to provide the most environmentally sound practices and up-to-date procedures for our clients. We know you have a choice and we go the extra mile for your business. 

pipeline relcamation
Vegetation Management

Our trained staff can help provide insight and expertise when determining vegetation design and decisions. This includes a variety of measures, including seed mixes, erosion considerations, and control methods, such as hand picking scentless chamomile, an invasive weed that is a major concern for the Peace region. Our industrial vegetation control app creates an up-to-date interface giving you access to real-time data and application records as they are made, as well as year-over-year results and up-to-date tracking information.

Vegetation management includes:

  • Invasive Vegetation Control

  • location blackening services

  • flare-stack blackening

  • seeding

  • mowing

  • rototilling

  • weedeating

  • Hand-pulling

  • Organic locations

Vegetation Management
Pipeline Seeding

Sterling Operations offers a wide variety of custom pipeline seeding solutions and equipment.  We are also fully capable of performing any preparation work that may be necessary to create a seed bed that will promote germination and yield a high seed catch.  With our vegetation management plans and erosion control expertise, we can provide quality seed to meet every requirement, from steep slopes to large right-of-ways, we have the equipment and expertise you need!   
This includes but is not limited to:

  • Broadcast seeding 

  • Hand-seeding

Pipeline Seeding

At Sterling Operations, we understand the need for efficiency and financial prudence. No need draw up multiple contracts or complete extra invoices, Sterling Operations is a one-stop shop for all general labor and lease cleanup needs!  Whether it be picking rocks and raking gravel to culvert supply and installation, we will ensure a job is completed to the highest quality standard.  

General Labour
General Labour
Control & Repair
Erosion Control & Repair

Sterling Operations has a full and varied supply of erosion control measures.Straw/coconutblankets and wattles, fencing, live-staking, and any other materials necessary to supplement proper seeding, establish growth and prevent future erosion issues.


Sterling Operations has a Professional Agrologist on staff that has experience writing Pest Management Plans, creating vegetation plans, and Overseeing Re-vegetation activities in the peace river region. contact us for any work you need a P.Ag for and we can work with you to get it completed.

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