Topsoil preparation & seeding for pipeline subsidence repair/re-grade.

Sterling Operations completed a number of Sched. B pipeline reclamation projects in the Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Grande Prairie, Beaverlodge, Spirit River and Rycroft areas, providing a full-service approach with the ability to care for a project from cradle to grave, including planning, the execution of the project, seeding, and vegetation control during the subsequent years.

To begin with, Sterling Operations uses a 6 ft. mower to clear as much vegetation material from the area as possible. Using an offset disc, the first 3-6 inches of topsoil in the area are loosened, and large sections of sod are worked into smaller pieces before the excavator and dozer crew complete a subsoil re-grade of the area. The disced topsoil is transferred off of the work area prior to re-grade and replaced across original area once the subsoil re-grade is complete.

Sterling Operations then uses a Brillion CultiPacker to loosen the now compact soil and facilitate seed catch and maturation. The CultiPacker is able to leave a smooth natural finish, filling in any hollow spots and returning the topsoil to a grade that merges consistently with the pipeline ROW boundaries.

Finally a Brillion SeedDrill is used to seed entire work area. Using the SeedDrill results in a more consistent seed catch than a conventional broadcast seeder. The SeedDrill is calibrated according to pounds of seed/acre, and can therefore be tailored to each site specifically.

Additional work is often performed on each site, depending on surrounding environment. Working in pasture and farmland requires erosion and livestock controls are established in a timely manner once seeding is complete. Sterling Operations completed a number of barbwire and electrical fences in pasture land to decrease livestock impact on newly worked land and encourage vegetation establishment. Erosion controls were implemented when necessary using a combination of straw matting, wattles, and sandbags.

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